Wednesday, July 31, 2013

PLEASE if you find this case interesting go read their blog to see what we have been up against with this case. 
They sent a letter to Berta that said ....

"You are more infringing than anyone else because you also infringe on our Thread Teds by Thread Bears mark-- since you use Thread Teds on your items as well."

I stated that they said Berta is infringing on their mark by using ThReAdTeDs

And apparently that makes me a liar, not sure how.  Please go to the blog and decide for yourselves.  I can't even understand their logic. 

I have re read their testimony where they claimed that they made completely different items than the original thread bears , and then where they claim they are the same and have been in continuous use.

I have seen where they say  I accused Berta of copying them, when they state repeatedly in  their testimony that she copied them.  All I said was that I know THEY think that, and they do.  All of this is because she is their competition...because she gets a good price for their bears and they think that thread bears are their idea only.

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