Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I don't know if there is any more worth posting?  Just read THEIR blog.  It really shows what the trouble is. When dealing with people who are so caught up in being "right" that they have saved every confusing scrap of evidence available to make everyone else look wrong there is a bigger issue than a little trademark for little thread bears. There are some serious issues that have nothing to do with bears. 

In this testimony statement they claim that their product was different than the original Thread Bears.  (1st page, 3rd paragraph)

In their answer they state that they are the same.
(page 6, 1st paragraph)

They also admit the 2f designation which they blame on Berta even though the designation was assigned to the trademark before they even received it. 

John 8:7
I had some good news today.  Apparently I am not in the same business as the owners of the Thread Bears trademark.  Since I am, according to THEM, not in the same "class".  I can use thread bears without fear of infringement.  According to an IP attorney in the case of thread bears (not the current disclaimers) infringement only applies to items in the same class.
Uhm...OK.  They do know that Berta and Bobbie have the same first name of Roberta right?  The stuff they are doing now is just weird. Are they trying to prove that Berta and Bobbie are friends?  Uhm, yes they are.  Why does it matter?  They won the trademark case, so why are they still upset over it? 
Imho, people who are told they are wrong are never so angry as when they really are wrong!