Monday, October 28, 2013

They now have a link for "Thread Teds" on their blog, but no they aren't attacking anyone!  They didn't go after Berta at all!

They asked Berta to get a lawyer, and then stated they couldn't believe anything a lawyer was "paid" to say.  If that is true than I can disregard the letters I received from their lawyer as well.  They continue to post things that make themselves look worse than I could so I will just let them drown in their own venom.

 As there have been comments from all corners and different legal advice on the use of thread bear as a description for a thread bear, I will continue to use my own best judgment in it's use and file counter notices when needed for false charges of infringement.

1.  thread bear is a legal description of bears made out of thread
2.  The attempt to trademark the term was directly related to an attempt to eliminate competition.
3.  the trademarked term "Thread Bears" may not be used to identify my business.
4.  the term thread bear can be used as a description and has always been legal, more so now as it has been disclaimed as generic.  No lawyer has disagreed with this.  I cannot call my business Thread Bears but I can certainly use an accurate description if needed.