Saturday, June 29, 2013

the truth?

The owners of the trademark Thread Bears swore under oath that they had used it AS A MARK for five years. There is ample evidence that they did NOT use it as a mark at all, only descriptively until after they acquired the mark from it's original owner.  IF they had been using it AS A MARK before then than they were violating the trademark Thread Bears.  If they were not violating the trademark by using the term "thread bear" to describe their work than neither is ANY ONE ELSE who uses that term descriptively.  This is MY opinion on the issue and cannot be taken for legal advice.


  1. As stated before, we already addressed all of these issues with you on our blog almost two years ago. You are not being honest with people. You are being misleading.

  2. You forgot to include the link to your answer.

  3. And also, it was sworn that it was used as a mark five years AFTER registration.