Monday, February 13, 2012

Lately a bear maker in Canada was blindsided with accusations of violating the Thread Bear trademark.  Naturally, like most bear makers, she had no idea of a claim that "thread bears" as a description would be considered a violation of the Thread Bear trademark.

I couldn't help but remind the owners of the Thread Bear trademark that before they acquired said trademark from Matt Walsh, they used the term constantly and descriptively. 

They, in turn posted accusations that they have had posts removed from my blogs?  I just wanted to say here that this is false.  I have not had any posts removed from any blogs...nor have I been asked too remove any posts.

I posted because I once again felt that they were doing something unethical. They seem to expect every thread bear maker to know about their trademark AND interpret that as a ban on the descriptive words as well. 

Public record indicates that they themselves had no idea it was even a trademark until they sought a seperate registration for "Thready Bears our Little Knotheads".   Other artists who make bears from thread will naturally call them thread bears...because it is an accurate and in my opinon legal description. 

In my opinon, If they want to "protect" their trademark they should work on building their brand instead of attacking other artists who are not even competition for them.

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